Introducing mBay

Welcome to mBay, the second foray by the Broodthaers Society of America into what it might mean to “sell something and succeed in life” in the digital economy, fifty-five years after Marcel Broodthaers kicked off his career as a visual artist with those doomed, aspirational words.

But that was 1964. What is often overlooked is how much Broodthaers’ thinking had evolved by the end of his twelve-year stint, when a modicum of success appeared to be getting the better of him. This from 1975:

What is Art? Ever since the nineteenth century the question has been posed incessantly to the artist, to the museum director, and to the enthusiast alike. In reality I do not believe it is legitimate to seriously define Art other than in the light of one constant factor—namely the transformation of Art into merchandise. 

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