A Token of Appreciation from the Broodthaers Society of America

New: I made and just sent off this wall-mounted display item for a friend and supporter of the Broodthaers Society of America named Eric, who is based in Vancouver. Eric did the BSA a big favor a while back when he traveled 45-minutes one-way to check the authenticity of a new and significant artwork the BSA wanted to add to its archive.

This token of our appreciation consists of a solid brass, eagle-shaped candle sconce retrofitted as a mahogany hat rack for a new fitted BSA baseball cap, custom-made with the logotypes for three major league baseball teams:  the Boston Red Sox, the Seattle Mariners, and the Atlanta Braves.

Marcel Broodthaers + baseball + logotype design = Broodthaers Society of America.


Happy holidays, wherever you are.

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