Catalyst Tears SOLD OUT


Offset ink on cardstock
6 acrylic tears (2 small, 2 medium, 2 large)
70 x 32 x 6.5 mm
edition of 1000, unnumbered, only a few remain

Wear Catalyst any time you want to give the appearance of having feelings, or need to alter the chemistry of your surroundings. Waterproof, media proof, non-hypoallergenic. Apply Catalyst to the skin with eyelash adhesive or any other non-toxic, clear-drying cosmetic glue. Ingredients: Nonyl Phenol, Bisphenol A, aliphatic and aromatic glycidyl ethers, polyoxyalkyleneamines, epichlorohydrin resin and N-Aminoethylpiperazine.

$40.00 shipped US

$60.00 shipped Internataional


Catalyst Tears

Letting Catalyst Tears speak for themselves isn’t a cliché. It’s a testament to the passion and talent behind everything we do. It means we stand behind our products with research and experience from actual problems we’ve defined, measured, and solved. Therefore, no decision, from strategy and development to design and user experience, is made lightly. And you’ll always see it in our cosmetic products.

We made Catalyst Tears to provide collectors with the most innovative, creative, and flexible artwork possible. They foster an atmosphere in which your own creative talent can flourish. We believe that great talent will do great work, so we only sell to collectors who want the opportunity to shine. It’s our guiding philosophy, our promise, and our business model. We:

  • Craft provocative experiences
  • Push beyond the comfort zone
  • Take risks to move things forward
  • Stay away from cookie-cutter solutions

From idea to production to viewing, collaboration is (and always has been) part of our DNA. By exploiting our talents with your savvy in mind, we’re able to produce a cosmetic product that is functional yet elegant. We’re open that way. We know this artwork is probably not the safe choice for most collectors, and we’re 100% fine with that.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 3 × 1 in