pertaining to

Nesting Bookcase, 2012
Wood, polyester, delrin, acrylic
fifteen copies

property of the
Kunstmuseum Aan Zee, Ostend

to be made available to the


Rights and Responsibilities

The Nesting Bookcase is a sculpture/design object conceived by artist Joe Scanlan. Fifteen copies of the Nesting Bookcase have been purchased by the Kunstmuseum aan Zee (Mu.Zee) as part of its permanent collection.

Every person living in Ostend has the right to borrow a Nesting Bookcase from the Mu.Zee for a limited period of time.

The Nesting Bookcase is free, but permission to borrow one must be arranged through the appropriate procedures, with the appropriate persons at the Mu.Zee, one month in advance.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase is expected to demonstrate a neighborly respect for shared public property.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase is expected to provide a safe means of transportation for the object from the Mu.Zee to their home or place of business.

The loan period begins on Saturday, October 27, 2012. The loan period will end when the borrower feels that it is time for someone else to have a turn with a Nesting Bookcase, and notifies the proper persons at the Mu.Zee. The borrower shall be responsible for the safe return of the Nesting Bookcase to the Mu.Zee.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase is free to interpret it however they see fit. They may choose to have it remain nested; to have it stacked vertically; to have it spread around as separate parts; or all of the above. The Nesting Bookcase can be placed in any configuration that will not put it at risk of damage. Objects, books, photographs, or any other personal affects may be displayed on the Nesting Bookcase, or it may be left empty.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase may chronicle the object however they like, and may distribute the resulting images or texts however they see fit.

If you care to share them, the Mu.Zee would be happy to see and archive any images or texts resulting from your time with a Nesting Bookcase.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase agrees to keep it from coming into contact with water, dirt, fire, paint, screws, nails, adhesives, or any other materials or elements that would harm it. The borrower also promises to guard against the Nesting Bookcase being stolen.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase agrees to let the Mu.Zee know promptly if it does get damaged or stolen.

The Mu.Zee reserves the right to inquire about the Nesting Bookcase and to check on its well being from time to time.

All Nesting Bookcases will be insured by the Mu.Zee, but for the security and maintenance of the Mu.Zee’s vested public interest only. If the borrower damages or destroys the Nesting Bookcase, the borrower agrees to be financially responsible for its full replacement.

With the Mu.Zee’s permission, the borrower may lend the Nesting Bookcase directly to another citizen of Ostend provided that person is willing to come to the Mu.Zee, meet with the proper persons, and sign an agreement.

Anyone who borrows a Nesting Bookcase agrees to abide by the tenets laid out here. If they cannot abide, the Mu.Zee may cancel this agreement and have the object returned to the museum immediately at the borrower’s expense.

As in all free and civilized democracies, a court of law shall have final jurisdiction over any disputes related to this agreement.


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