Selected Published Writing

Classism: An Introduction (2018)

Décor | Avant-Poste: An Interview with François Aubart (2018)

Paragraphs on Deceptual Art (2018)

Not Knowing: Contemporary Art and the Amateur (2016)

Wanderers in the Expanded Field (2014)

Bill of Rights and Responsibilities: Mu.Zee, Ostend (2012)

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Sol LeWitt (2010)

Democracy Judy (2010)

Stockholm Syndrome (2010)

Fair Use: Tino Sehgal (2010)

Post Post Studio (2010)

The Uses of Disorder: Felix Gonzalez-Torres (2010)

The Brutal Truth (2009)

Modest Proposals (2008)

Roll Back the Stone: AnnLee Interviews Joe Scanlan (2006)

Commodify Your Dissent: An Interview with François Piron (2005)

The Undertaker’s Art (with Pierre Huyghe) (2004)

Consumption and the Self: An Interview with Elisabeth Wetterwald (2003)

Ambulance Chasing After Culture: An Interview with Chris Gilbert (2000)

Culture In Action (1993)