Manifest Light SOLD OUT


Two years ago, when a reel-to-reel tape of Marcel Broodthaers reading some of his poetry was discovered in a Dutch attic, Belgian scholar Raf Wollaert availed himself to giving the material the treatment it deserved. With the help of Ivo Van Vaerenbergh, the tape’s eventual private collector, Wollaert and a team of experts—Lotte Beckwé, Saskia Gevaert, Maria Gilissen, and the M KHA, Antwerp—remastered it into a gatefold vinyl record titled La Lumière Manifeste. The album includes liner notes by Beckwé, Gilissen, and Wollaert. A complete booklet, in French, of the poems, is tipped in with English versions of them interleaved.

Offset ink on card and paper, vinyl record, laser-printed paper
30 x 30 x 0.75 cm
500 copies




Letting Manifest Light speak for itself is a testament to the passion and talent behind everything we do. It means we stand behind our Belgian surrealist poetry with research from actual recordings we’ve discovered, transcribed, and translated into English. Therefore, no decision, from remastering and pressing to liner notes and analysis, is made lightly. And you’ll always hear it on Manifest Light.

We made this record to provide collectors with the most creative, direct, and informative sound recording possible. It engenders an atmosphere in which your prescient ear can flourish. We believe that only a great ear can recognize great poetry, so we only work with collectors who want the opportunity to shine. It’s our guiding philosophy, our promise, and our business model. We:

  • Remaster reel-to-real tape
  • Press the data onto a vinyl record
  • Publish a booklet of the contents in French
  • Interleave English versions

From idea to production to your listening pleasure, beauty is (and always has been) part of our DNA. By combining our talents with your savvy mind, we’re able to produce an album that is political yet elegant. We’re a gatefold 33 1/3 vinyl record. We know this album is probably not the safe choice for most collectors, and we’re 100% fine with that.

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Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 1 in