Poststructuralism in Country and Western Music 


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Poststructuralism in Country and Western Music 

Expanded edition
Edited by Steve Canal Jones
Compact disk in double plastic gatefold, archival paper case
Color-printed cd-rom
 12.7 x 14.3 cm
ISBN 0-9761273-2-6

A timeless CD compilation that investigates the intellectual tendencies of Country and Western music’s greatest philosophers and social critics, including Jimmie Rodgers, Willie Nelson, and Tammy Wynette. Their forays into Deconstruction, role-playing, identity politics, media saturation, precarity, and schizophrenia have been compiled here by guest editor Steve Canal Jones. Order now and receive a special bonus: Michel Foucault’s glossary of hillbilly medical terms.

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Poststructuralism in Country & Western Music

Letting Country & Western Music speak for itself isn’t a cliché. It’s a testament to the passion and talent behind everything we do. It means we stand behind our poststructuralist research with actual problems we’ve defined, measured, and solved. Therefore, no decision, from strategy and development to design and user experience, is made lightly. And you’ll always see it in the music we listen to.

We made this compilation to provide listeners with the most innovative, creative, and flexible soundtrack possible. It fosters an atmosphere in which your own talent can flourish. We believe that great talent will do great work, so we only sell to music fans who want the opportunity to shine. It’s our guiding philosophy, our promise, and our business model. We:

  • Craft provocative experiences
  • Push beyond the comfort zone
  • Take risks to move things forward
  • Stay away from cookie-cutter solutions

From idea to production to viewing, collaboration is (and always has been) part of our DNA. By exploiting our talents with your savvy in mind, we’re able to produce playlists that are scholarly yet hoedown-able. We’re hip. We know this listening experience is probably not the safe choice for most academics, and we’re 100% fine with that.

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